Hydra is a poet's little England


Spring of 1960- Argosaronic Gulf - One day a girl named Marianne enters the grocery shop on Hydra's main square to pick up bottled water and milk. A dark man stands at the doorway with the sun on his back. “Would you like to join us outside?” He is Leonard Cohen, a writer who arrived in Hydra to work on his novel.
He soon calls her the most beautiful woman he has ever met.

Cohen would rise early, sit on the terrace in the sun and religiously bash out his three pages a day on an old typewriter. In the evening he'd play his guitar and sing lullabies to Marianne's son. "Civilization had caught up with me,” he said in a moment of realization. “I wasn’t going to be able to escape after all. I wasn’t going to be able to live this 11th-century life that I thought I had found for myself.” It was, on the upside, also the moment that would inspire his seminal masterpiece Bird OnThe Wire. But Hydra's reputation goes long before the poet stepped foot, owing some of its glam to Sophia Loren who was photographed mingling with the locals while she was on the island shooting "Boy on a Dolphin" in 1957. Truth is soon as one steps of the hydrofoil from Piraeus to the cobbled port of Hydra they might get an instant feel why Cohen wished this exquisite Saronic island to remain the unique time warp of a world that feels less complicated. While the harbor is no stranger to the odd ostentatious superyacht and their (usually Russian) owners, the inland lanes are a soothing antidote to the occasional see-and-be-seen poutiness of the portside. In the backstreets, you will glimpse a very traditional Greek way of life, unpolluted by iPhone culture. Grandmothers in black, sitting in doorways buried by magnificent bougainvillea, watching the world go by, is such a sight. Plus, with the small exception of the occasional Piaggio Ape or an Ansi Standard, there are no cars. Donkeys, mules and bicycles are used for transport. You'll find film projection posters pinned on its notice boards inviting you to hit the small open-air cinema, and phone wires still dangle overhead, reminiscent of the 60s. Even the architecture is different from what one expects to meet on a typical Greek island; the long arcade you'll cross to reach your room at Hotel Orloff (bulit during the 18th century by Count Orlo of Russia on top of monasterial debris), the 1890-established pharmacy next door, or the historical Hydrea Hotel (an old repurposed mansion belonging to one of the heroes of Greek renaissance) have preserved such an original character it is impossible to resist prolonging your stay. Summers in Hydra are steeped in glamour, the port feels like a little St.Tropez filled with aviator visitors and chic bohemian dressed manicured dames, lolling over the day's first champagne glass or ordering brunch of benedict eggs and giant fruit bowls over at Isalos where striped-tee wearing waiters will spoil you with the best coffee on the island. At the Pirate Bar well-heeled Athenian day-trippers, international tourists and locals gather in the early evening to sip espresso freddos and cold Greek beers and watch the beautiful people go by, the blingy boats bobbing in. Getting to the best Hydra beaches involves a water taxi from the harbor, which sounds like more of a hassle than it actually is – they run regularly and you can always get back. Visit the pebbled Plakes beach where, after swimming out in the still, crystal clear water, you can enjoy a magnificent lunch at the Sunset or at the Four Seasons in Vlyhos. Bisti Bay and Agios Nikolaos Bay, two achingly beautiful and almost empty pebbly beaches on the island’s south-western tip are frequented by beautiful black butterflies likely to land on your day's reading. The water is deep, clear and the particular Pantone shade of blue that you only ever see on Greek islands, shimmering in the sun like a Shirley Bassey sequined dress under a stage spotlight. Under the preservation order guidelines, Bratsera Hotel remains the only hotel in Hydra Town to boast a swimming pool. It is not just the cooling pool that gives the Bratsera (a converted sponge factory) its strong reputation; the airy rooms with whitewashed walls are tastefully decorated with rough-hewn antiques and hessian rugs, just perfect to host your guests during a wedding in Little England (yes, that is Hydra's nickname).

Photo Credits: Sotiris Tsakanikas
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  • Maria worked around the clock with us to make our dream island wedding come true! We had a tight budget, a few cultural twists in our ceremony, some complicated logistics (and an anxious bride 2 hours before the wedding) and yet nothing was impossible. Forever grateful for Maria's dedication, hard work and organisation :) Highly recommended! Thank you so so much (and to your lovely ladies who were amazing throughout the whole weekend). Will miss working with you xxx

    Rebecca Simon

  • The best person to trust for this special day! I cannot recommend Maria and her team highly enough. Her expertise, support, attention to the detail, organization skills and taste allowed us to enjoy our day to the fullest. Thank you!


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  • I don't even know where to begin! Eternally grateful are the words that come to mind though. When a friend of mine started her wedding planning, I searched through instagram to help find her a wedding planner, which is how I came across Maria's page. The photos were absolutely stunning and I loved her style. Fast forward a few months and not only had I recommended Maria, purely based on photos to one friend, but I then chose to work with her for our own wedding and was very eager to share her with yet another friend of mine. That resulted in Maria planning 3 weddings within a 2 month time frame for 3 friends with very similar guest lists! I know I speak for all 3 of us when I say how happy we were with Maria's support. Each wedding was unique and perfectly reflected our styles and preferences. Maria was extremely responsive & supportive throughout the whole process. On top of that, I felt like she and her colleagues were more like family and I truly hope to stay in touch with them. I think the saddest part once the weddings were all over was having to say goodbye to them!


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    We will be grateful forever to work with her and we highly recommend her to everyone.
    Thank you Maria to make my big day so beautiful.


  • Maria helped make our dream wedding come true! We live in the States and wanted our wedding in Athens given my husband’s connection to Greece. Maria was great at taking care of everything remotely. Through many many emails (she was always responsive) and a few Skype calls, she managed to translate our vision into reality. My husband and I had the best night of our lives. Everything was beautiful and unforgettable. We would recommend her to anyone who is looking to plan their big day. Thanks Maria for your professionalism and creative eye!


  • I recommend Maria and her team to anyone who is planning a wedding, or party! I live in D.C. and planned to have our wedding in Athens - Island Private House. Maria made the process so much less stressful and smooth! She was very flexible in scheduling Skype calls, and was able to work around my busy work schedule. She listened to what I wanted the wedding to look like, and delivered! The decor was perfect! The day of the wedding was hectic, and it is clear that Maria is a very busy person, however, she did her best to make sure I was able to enjoy the day. I highly recommend InEventive and Maria to anyone, particularly if you are planning from abroad! 


  • I wanted to let you know how great of a job you did on our wedding day! And in fact it’s hard to know where to start: First of all Thank you for helping us out with all the little details on the wedding weekend and for being present on all three evenings. I could probably write a book about what good of a job everybody did on this weekend but in the end, YOU put it all in place and made sure everything turned out perfectly!! And most important you took all the pressure off my shoulders and tried being patient with that German girl that is having a Greek wedding. I cannot thank you enough for the great job you did!!! Nicholas and I wish you all the best for your future as the most professional wedding planner!


  • Dear Maria, we are back in New York after our honeymoon and wanted to send you a note and thank you for helping us put together such a wonderful event! We loved working with you and really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. We certainly hope that we will have the opportunity to return to Athens and hope to work again with you if we are putting together another celebration in Greece.


  • Maria, I just wanted to express my appreciation again for all your amazing work that you did for Nicholas’ and Eva’s wedding. The wedding day and all the pre- celebration  events were absolutely perfect and will always be an unforgettable and memorable time for all of us!! Working with you was once again a pleasure. I wish you all the best and hopefully our roads will cross again in the near future.


  • I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and effort that you put into making our baby girl’s christening such a special event. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your fantastic services to all my friends and look forward to any potential events planned for the future. Thank you so much :):)


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